How do I use the Epson Projector to present wireless

Follow this link for details.

  1. Press the HOME button on the white Epson remote  (This will display the IP address on the bottom of the screen.)
  2. Wait for the student/ faculty member to set up their mobile device
    1. Make sure the device you plan to project from is connected to the RIVIER Wi-Fi network. iProjection does not work from rivopen or RivGuest.
    2. Download the Epson iProjection app
    3. When prompted on your device, enter the IP address displayed on the screen
    4. Click JOIN
    5. Click SHARE
    6. Enter the key word that displays on the screen
  3. Ask the faculty member to press the LAN button on the white Epson remote
  4. Connect to the projector
  • To allow 4 devices to connect to the projector, the moderator must click multiple.

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