How do I Access Xfinity on Campus (Xfinity Stream)

Xfinity on Campus / Xfinity Stream

Rivier University offers Xfinity TV to its students. Xfinity on Campus uses IP TV technology to deliver streaming TV to all of your connected devices. There is no cable box or coax cable in use anywhere on campus.

The instructions below are provided to assist you in accessing Xfinity on Campus.

  1. Students must be a resident student with active Rivier account credentials
  2. Connect your device (TV, Phone, Xbox,Roku,Chrome, etc.) WiFi settings to RivOpen
  3. Visit access Xfinity
  4. Login with your Rivier account credentials (full email address and password)
  5. Follow the prompts.

Rivier IT recommends using a Roku or other streaming media device to connect your TV to Xfinity. Just look for the Xfinity Stream app on your favorite device, log into the channel using your Rivier credentials, and you are good to go.

Xfinity Stream does work off campus, but offers only a limited amount of content.

For help, please contact the help desk at or call (603) 897-8469.


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