Mitel – Enabling Your Softphone on MiCollab Client

MiCollab Softphone can be used to make and receive calls instead of your Mitel desk phone. As a part of the MiCollab PC/Mac, and Mobile client for every user, you simply have to tell MiCollab to use the Softphone feature.

For complete setup instructions with screenshots, please click here.

To place calls on your softphone, please dial all calls in this format: 1 + <area code> + <7-digit number>. For example, 16038978631. Alternatively, you may dial a 4-digit campus extension.

Here are some other important notes:

  • It is a good idea to periodically check inside the app to ensure that the Softphone toggle is set to “Enabled” and that your Availability is set to “In the office” or otherwise your softphone may not ring.

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