Setting Up Mitel Office Phone at Home (Teleworker)

Physical Phone Connection Setup

Plug the power brick into AC outlet.

Connect one Ethernet (network) cable to your home network–use the back of a router or a switch or hub. Plug other end to the “LAN” port on the power brick. See blue cable in photo below.

Connect a second Ethernet cable to the “LAN + DC” port of the power brick. Plug other end to the phone’s Ethernet jack–the one that looks like two computers (NOT the one that says PC). See black cable in photo below.

Configure Teleworker phone

Boot the phone up and hold down the 7 key while the phone is booting up

Display will show configure teleworker

Press * for Yes

Press # for New

Press * IPV4

Enter Teleworker Gateway Address

  • If you enter a wrong number, use the * key to backspace

Press the Volume down Arrow key

Press * for Yes to Store Changes. Then the phone will reset and come up with the below setting in the display – TFTP: MAIN Downloading…

This process may take from 5 – 10 minutes to complete depending our your download speed. Once completed you will see on the phone the following:

Enter TW install password 55555 the phone will then load applications/ext profile

Process is complete you can now user your office phone from home.


When you bring your office open back into the office you need to do the following:

Delete teleworker phone. Once back in the office:

Plug in phone. As it boots up, hold down the 7 key

Display will show Configure Teleworker

Press * for Yes

Press * to delete

Press * for Yes to Store changes. Phone will restart and come back online with your extension

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