Connecting to the Rivier Wi-Fi with Windows 10

Watch this YouTube Video: Connecting to the Rivier Wi-Fi

If you have already unsuccessfully attempted to connect, you must “forget” the connection and start over. See instructions below.

  • Right-click ‘Internet Access’ icon in the Windows taskbar (lower right corner)
  • Select ‘Open Network and Sharing Center’
    • Then, ‘Set up a new connection or network’
    • Then, ‘Manually connect to a wireless network’
    • Click Next
  • Fill in the following:
    • Network name: RIVIER (all caps)
    • Security type: WPA2-Enterprise
    • Encryption type: AES
  • Leave the Security Key blank and then click ‘Next’
  • Click ‘Change connection settings’ then select the ‘Security’ tab
  • Click ‘Settings’ next to ‘Choose a network authentication method’
  • Uncheck ‘Verify the server’s identity by validating the certificate’
  • Click ‘Configure’ within the same dialog box, next to ‘Select Authentication Method’
  • Uncheck ‘Automatically use my Windows login name and password’
    • Click OK
  • Click ‘OK’ on the ‘Protected PEAP Properties’ dialog box
  • Click ‘Advance Settings’
    • Then, select the tab ‘802.1x settings’ (this should be the default)
  • Check/enable ‘Specify authentication mode’ and select ‘User authentication’ from the drop-down menu
    • Click ‘Save Credentials’
  • Enter your Rivier username (typically first initial+lastname) and password.
    • Careful, don’t enter your entire email address!
    • Click OK
  • Click ‘OK’ on all open dialog boxes and complete setup by clicking ‘Close’


Forget Wireless Connection (necessary if unsuccessfully connected before starting over):

Click the Start Menu Button (aka ‘Windows Branding Logo’) in the lower left taskbar.

Click Settings -> Network & Internet -> Manage Wi-Fi settings -> Click ‘RIVIER‘ -> Click ‘Forget

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