How to Map a Network Drive

Instructions for accessing P: drive, departmental drives, and other file resources

NOTE: For those working at home, you must first connect to your virtual desktop (VDI). Mapped drives cannot be accessed from home on either a personal or university-issued device without first connecting to VDI.

Click here for a video tutorial (opens YouTube):

Click here for instructions from Microsoft:

In step 4 of the Microsoft article, you will enter one of the following:

  • \\\departments
  • \\\staffhome\<Your username>
    • Or \\\facultyhome\<Your username>
    • Or \\\studenthome\<Your username>
  • \\\staff\<Your username>
    • Or \\\faculty\<Your username>
    • Or \\\student\<Your username>
  • \\\reports

For example, a staff member named John Smith would connect to his P: drive by entering this path: \\\staffhome\jsmith

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