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Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365

Rivier University has implemented multi-factor authentication (MFA) for its campus email and Office 365 web services. MFA greatly enhances the security of our email and data infrastructure. You can think of MFA as extra protection beyond just your password: If you give someone else your username and password, that other person still cannot log into your account because they don’t have your phone.

MFA is now enabled for the entire Rivier community (faculty, staff, students, and alumni).

MFA changes the login process to your campus email and Office 365 data. After you log in with your Rivier University email address and password, you will need to verify yourself by responding to a message on your mobile phone.

Help Me Choose MFA That’s Right for Me

Rivier University MFA lets you choose the option that is best for you. You can sign in using a notification from your Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone. Or, you can receive a text message with a code. You can even choose a voice call if you do not have a smartphone and/or prefer not to use text messaging.

Read the options below and click on the one that is best for you:

If you have a Mac or Apple computer see the article about MFA on your Mac before proceeding.

  1. Authenticator App (Recommended)
    1. Most convenient option to use.
    2. Requires installing an app on your smartphone (iPhone/Android).
    3. Does not require any typing of a code.
    4. Medium difficulty to set up. Requires a PC or laptop to complete enrollment process.
  2. Text Message
    1. Relatively convenient to use.
    2. Requires a text messaging plan.
    3. Requires typing of a 6-digit code.
    4. Easy to set up. Does not need PC or laptop during enrollment process.
  3. Voice Call (Not Recommended)
    1. Least convenient option–can only sign in where you receive voice calls, and sometimes must wait for call to come in.
    2. Does not require text messaging or a smartphone.
    3. Does not require typing of a code.
    4. Easy to set up. Does not need a PC or laptop during enrollment process.


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Update 5/19/2020: Microsoft recently updated the MFA enrollment process. We have updated our documentation accordingly. If you would like to read Microsoft’s instructions, please visit here.

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