Student Printing from Library Copiers

Logging into copiers and releasing print jobs with PaperCut

  1. Swipe your student ID at the copier to login. Print jobs will be securely stored until the user logs into the copier and release the job.
  2. Select the “Release” button from the main menu.
  3. Users pending print jobs will be displayed on the copier screen. You can select individual jobs to release, or you can choose “Select All” from the bottom of the screen. After selecting all of the jobs to release, press the “Start” button to begin printing.

Using Scanning Features

  1. Select Scan/Fax button
  2. To scan to your email address using the “Me” button otherwise type the email address to scan to.
  3. By choosing “Me” from the address book, you will add your email address as the destination. You will still have the option to choose other users from the address book.

Logging Out

Once finished select the Access button on the right side of the screen to log out.

Printing from a W-Fi Device on the Rivier Network (Webprint)

  1. Login to the RIVIER network with your Rivier credentials.
  2. Go to URL:
  3. Log in with your Rivier credentials.
  4. Select Web Print from the menu on the left side.
  5. Select the “Submit a job” button.
  6. Choose the desired copier located in the library:
    1. printv\Student BW Print (virtual) –  located on first floor of library and prints black and white (.05 per page)
    2. printv\Student COLOR Print (virtual) – located on the second floor of the library and prints in color (.25 per page)
  7. Select the green button “Print Options and Account Selection”.
  8. Enter the number of copies.
  9. Select the green button “Upload Documents”.
    1. Click on the green button “Upload from Computer”.
    2. Browse to the file that you wish to print.
    3. Select the file.
  10. Click green button “Upload and complete”.
  11. This file will be sent to the print queue for that printer/ copier.
  12. Use your ID card to swipe into the printer/copier. Note: If it doesn’t recognize the card, you can login with your Rivier username and password.
  13. Click the “Release” button on the bottom left portion of the printer/copier screen.
  14. Highlight the selected job and press the blue Start button below the screen to print the document.
  15. Print jobs will remain in the queue for 48 hours.

Adding Print Funds

Every student enrolled in credit seeking programs (excludes auditors) is given $25 of “free” printing each semester. Unused balance does not carry over. After the $25 of “free” print funds is exhausted, our print system will deduct from your Raider Bucks balance. Raider Bucks roll over from semester to semester, and can be used for a variety of purchases on campus. To add to your Raider Bucks fund, please visit the OneCard portal by clicking here.