Zoom How-To

All members of the Rivier University community are entitled to use Zoom Basic for videoconferencing and chat. Zoom Basic allows unlimited 1:1 meetings with video chat, sessions with up to 3 members, and a limit of 40 minutes per session. We have a limited number of paid Zoom Licenses for staff and faculty who wish to communicate with members of their class or individuals outside of the Rivier University community. If you wish to have a paid Zoom license, please email itsupport@rivier.edu. Alternatively, you can consider Microsoft Teams, which is available to all Rivier University faculty, staff, and students at no cost and has no time or user limits per session.

To download Zoom Client, please visit https://zoom.us/download and choose the Zoom Client for Meetings that is correct for your system. You can also find Zoom Client within the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for Android devices.

To log into Zoom, please visit https://rivier.zoom.us and select SSO (Single Sign-on) to log in. If prompted, enter your Rivier email address and password.

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